Friday, February 10, 2012

Sand Deposits Are Nearly 350 Feet Deep--What Will Digging It Out Do To Our Water?

Gene Prell points out that at the last town of Greenfield board meeting, Unimin's Steve Groening gave a Power Point presentation that showed that the test borings show sand as deep as 343 or 347 feet.

That is deep, writes Prell. "Unimin might start out with an open pit mine and everything would be fine, but if they start mining below the water table--and you know that the water table is probably no more than 30 feet below the tracks at the mine site--I would think that it would have a significant impact on the water table. That could impact the water table at Spring Bank, no matter how much water they pump from Tomah.  The end result could be devastating. Unimin will not divulge their plans and once they get their permits they will essentially be free to do whatever they please within certain few limits for scores of years and we will not be able to do anything about it. "

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