Friday, February 10, 2012

DNR Holds Air Quality Hearing In Tomah

The Department of Natural Resources is holding an air quality hearing today at Tomah City Hall. Gene Prell asks if the hearing is simply a formality that will rubber-stamp what is essentially a done deal.

"It galls me that we as residents and the "recipients" of their air quality standards have no bearing on whether or not the air quality permit is approved," writes Prell. He says that it's interesting that the DNR is looking only at state and federal standards and not reviewing standards set by other states on silica emissions. Perhaps even more disgraceful is the fact that the DNR is not initiating further studies of potential problems.

"I'm too darned old to be affected by it," writes Prell, "but I sure wouldn't recommend that any of the grandkids live close to a mine."

Here is the Tomah Journal's coverage of the issue.

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